Hey! I’m Enos. 
For the past two decades, I’ve found myself either in front of a guitar or behind a computer (holding a guitar), engineering or mixing. I’m a learner and student of music, holding a B.A. in music performance. Being in bands and working with clients throughout my travels across the country has taught me the increasing value of a truly authentic recording and the lasting impact it leaves.
Throughout my career as a music and technical director, I’ve gained invaluable experience in songwriting and performing, studio and live sound production, and the benefit of developing meaningful relationships with artists. Music production should be a human-to-human experience, and I’m committed to doing my part in preserving that experience at Pine House Recordings.
My wife and I work as artists through Pine House Creative, our parent company. Our passion is creating spaces for artists to thrive in their creative mediums. We are eager to collaborate with bands and musicians in the area and to see the community of artists in Southeast Michigan grow.
I’d love to get in touch, grab a coffee, chat about a project, or talk shop about our love for overpriced outboard gear.
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